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Lana Pennino has over 20 years experience orchestrating film productions for marketing, entertainment, web and corporate content.  Lana reviews scripts for feasibility, devises budgets, plans schedules, and sources the best talent for all phases of production. She is the central figure throughout a production, ensuring the highest quality outcome for every project.

A trusted resource for the biggest and the best

Major brands, Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, and broadcast networks trust Lana to oversee their most important productions.  They rely on Lana’s ability to advocate the highest creative standards, instill predictability, spend money wisely, and ensure productions are completed on time and on budget.


A producer without borders

There are many advantages and pitfalls in shooting outside the United States.  Lana knows how to leverage the opportunities of overseas shooting, and anticipate unforeseen complications.  Lana has run productions for global brands on five continents.  She is expert in planning international logistics for staff, crew, travel, locations, cultural obstacles, and local governments.

An unmatched network of talent

Lana has worked with the best directors, DP’s, animators, musicians, editors, casting directors, and post facilities in the world.  And she actively seeks out emerging talent.  Every production is unique, and demands a unique team for the best results.  Whether you need a director specializing in making non-actors come to life on-screen, or an animation house that’s brilliant with realism, Lana can easily identify the best candidates for the project.

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